Sunday, November 3, 2019

WConference Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

WConference Question - Essay Example As such, there is a close relationship between human being and the art and hence the art always has a personal appealing to human. The art mostly reveals, through creativity, the side of the world that is interesting but we cannot see or experience in any other way except through art. Plato agrees with me by stating that it is ill advised for people to indulge in both mimetic and narrative representations in the place of art. As such, he demonstrated that arts are the best way that communicates a message from its originality. I am of the opinion that the art is an inseparable characteristic of the society. It is through art that the voiceless in the society can get a voice. Creativities that is demonstrated by the art explain the type of society the people are living. Every person in th society requires to study humanity and the art. This is because the only way to understand the norms and traditions of a given community is by embracing their arts and culture. A good example of how important the art is is the Nkisi sculpture that unites people in DRC. These arts are integral part of the society and hence humanities should be taught in school ion order to safeguard our

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