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Women Should Be Integrated Into Combat Positions - 1057 Words

Women should be integrated into combat positions such as infantry, artillery, and Special Forces. If a woman chooses this kind of challenge, then she is more than capable. Women are as tough as men. They can do what a man can do, and if that is going into combat then yes, why not? Women can fight, shoot, run, work hard, and win for this country like the men of this country do. Women have been in combat for a long time, but now women are actually in combat rather than helping the men out with injuries, being a laundresses, a cook, and a nurse. Women can go into combat, just like a man. Women should be let onto infantry and artillery positions. Women have been involved in our nation’s military since the Revolutionary War, serving not only as nurses and cooks, but also supplying water to thirsty soldiers on the battlefield. Throughout history, men have always fought our battles while women stood by, but what if I told you that in some countries, women are fighting alongside men inside combat zones? Here in the U.S., there is an immeasurable disagreement about equality in the military. One of the supporting arguments is that several other countries outside the U.S. already have women serving on the front lines. Countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, all have allowed women to serve in any type combat that they qualify in and or meet requirements. While there are several countries that don’t allow women in combat, the U.S. has recently had the biggest sparringShow MoreRelatedWomen Should Not Be Allowed For Military Combat1507 Words   |   7 PagesMany people believe that women should not be allowed to serve in military combat. This is ridiculous, as many women have achieved great military success throughout history. At first, women mainly served as nurses and sometimes as spies, as in the cases of Harriet Tubman and Mary Ludwig Hays. â€Å"Mary went to a nearby stream and repeatedly carried containers of water to the soldiers...she also carried wounded men to safety and took over firing her husband’s gun when he became wounded† (Worth 16). TubmanRead MoreWomen and the Military1125 Words   |  5 PagesWomen and the Military Statistics show that the U.S. armed forces currently employ over 229,000 women in its various branches (Donnelly 8). This figure had been increasing exponentially for over 30 years. It s no surprise to men that women are becoming an important factor in the U.S. military and now occupy every position expect those on the front lines. With the infiltration of women in the services in 1972, great controversy has arisen and has become a highly argued issue (DonnellyRead MoreRoles Of Women During History903 Words   |  4 Pages Women throughout history have made great strides in gender equality. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go. Career choices should be just that; a choice, not exclusion solely based upon gender. Joining the armed services for most is about service to your country, honor, and pride: For women this also includes limitations. Is it fair to limit what is accepted from women in terms of what roles they are allowed to serve in? Excluding women f rom serving in certain combat units sends aRead More Women in Combat Essay1249 Words   |  5 PagesWomen in Combat   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Women have played a tremendous role in many countries armed forces from the past to the present. Women have thoroughly integrated into the armed forces; all positions in the armed forces should be fully accessible to women who can compete with men intellectually and physically. Yet, many argue that the distinction between combat and non-combat becomes blurred in the context of women warfare (Ladin; Holm, Hoar). In actuality, many women are assigned to jobs that willRead MoreRole Of Women Into Combat Roles During Marine Corps Infantry And Other Ground Combat Schools1649 Words   |  7 PagesDue to the expected integration of women into combat roles, the Marine Corps trained 233 female Marines in Marine Corps infantry and other ground combat schools (Michaels). Of those 233, less than half passed the minimum requirement of pull-ups (AP). In 1994 the â€Å"Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule† was installed to remove women from direct combat roles (Hovey). In the time since, social justice groups have fought for equality for women, the LGBT community, and minority groups concerningRead More Women in the Military Essay1112 Words   |  5 PagesShould women be allowed in the military? My answer was at first a resounding â€Å"no.† However, once I started my research, my opinion changed. In 1948, Congress passed the combat exclusion law that prohibited women in the Air Force, Marines, and Navy to hold combat positions; however, the Army can assign these duties as they see fit (Schroeder). Some people assume that Americans are not ready to see a woman wounded or killed in war; however, there are female police officers that are wounded or killedRead MoreThe Civil Field Or Clerical Support1165 Words   |  5 Pagesyears, the military totally excluded women from certain combat jobs due to their gender. â€Å"For most of the history of the U.S. military women have only served in roles in the medical field or clerical support† (Barry,19). Some of this is due to the different physical abilities between genders; cost of logistics and military effectiveness. We should not make every combat arm Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of the United States military gender neutral. â€Å"Women were made a permanent part of the militaryRead MoreNearly One-Fifth Of The U.S Military Is Female, However1319 Words   |  6 Pageshowever certain jobs are not eligible for women. Is it believed that women are not considered for front-line combat and Special Forces positions. Opponents argue that women are physically not capable of being effective for troops and would distract men making the military less effective. However women are fully capable of becoming troops the only thing holding them back is the stereotype that they are not physically capable of handing combat roles. Women in the military have changed drasticallyRead MoreWomen During World War II1450 Words   |  6 PagesWomen and war have always been considered to have little in common. As the gentle sex, women are traditionally associated with the care and creation of life rather than with its destruction. However, over the past twenty years, women have increasingly served, and continue to serve, with valor and integrity in the Unites States Armed Forces (Kamarack, 2015). Although women have successfully proved themselves in the military, they should be restricted from entering into direct combat because they areRead MoreWomen During World War II1508 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout American history, women have contributed greatly to the war effort and military support of our troops. It began as early as the Revolutionary War when women followed their husbands to war out of necessity. Many served in military camps as laundresses, cooks, and nurses but only with permission from the comman ding officers and only if they proved they were helpful (â€Å"Timeline: Women in the U.S. Military†). During World War II, more than 400,000 women served at home and abroad as mechanics

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