Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The responsibilites of the assessor Essay Example for Free

The responsibilites of the assessor Essay The assessor is responsible for the implantation of the awarding body’s standards into the working process of the student. The assessor should have a strong understanding of the course content and the methods needed to deliver this content to their students while ensuring that they adhere the assessment criteria, course programme or job specification. At all times, the assessor must conduct themselves in a fair and professional manner and maintain an understanding of the assessment criteria of the students. Assessment takes place in a variety of scenarios; this enables the students to display knowledge, understanding and competency in a variety of areas to show a broad scope of evidence gathering. It is the responsibility of the assessor to plan assessments according to the best method of evidence gathering for the unit. Supporting and encouragement throughout the assessment, the assessor needs to use their judgement to judge the competency of the students’ work and ascertain whether or not they are ready for assessment. The assessor must keep accurate and up to date records to ensure there is a track record of students progress and achievement. It will include and not limited to assessment plans, feedback records, review of progress and overall tracking sheets. The records are also maintained to satisfy organisational and regulatory requirements such as Health Safety if assessing in the workplace they there will be a need to ensure the students have the right training for the job. The assessment practice and process is continuously scrutinised in the form of meetings, these meetings allow the assessor to voice any concerns, discuss assessment practice and to improve the assessment process as a whole. The assessor must ensure that they further their own development through CPD. This will ens ure that the assessor is keeping up to date with not only the assessment criteria of the subject but that they are maintaining their knowledge of the ever changing occupational standards within the workplace. In summary the responsibilities of the Assessor involves planning, managing and delivering assessment, maintaining the integrity of the qualification, and always keeping a learner-centred approach to the assessment. The occupational standards of the assessor demand integrity and maintenance of a level of quality that can be internally verified (IV) and externally verified (EV) moderated to show the same result. The responsibility of the  assessor to the students is to be organised, efficient, clear, and to provide a professional example to which they can aspire to. If assessing within the workplace employers are demanding high quality assessment feedback as this is the cornerstone of the students and, therefore, the organisations progress.

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