Monday, February 24, 2020

Case study Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Case study - Research Paper Example As discussed earlier, the main objective of the marketing plan for Vitro and nitron is the acquisition of new customers for this innovative product and generating more revenues from the existing customers. The acquisition of new customers can be done mainly by Advertising and sales promotion strategies whereas generating more revenues from existing customers is possible through generating more returns on investments for its retail customers, implementing proper strategies, reaching out the customers in a way that all the latest news about the new product should reach them at the earliest so that they can gain maximum by buying the product. Apple should maintain its focus on operational efficiency and customer intimacy. As discussed earlier, the target markets for the company would be all the organizations that currently use vitro or some other technology for holding meetings and presentations. As per the demographics, the product will be launched firstly all over the US as a test market to see it response. Based on the response the company can also adjust the price and features of the product suiting to the needs of various demographics. If the product launch becomes a success on US, its next target market would be Asia, specifically countries like India and China as these have high growth potential. Another industry that would be targeted for the promotion of the product apart from the companies is small and big educational organizations. Over the years, the tools and methodologies in the educational industry have transformed and no more manual system of education is followed. Every class has a projector for teaching the students through presentations and live seminar. This would also act as anot her target market for the launch of the product as popularity in the education sector could act as a further gateway to service industry. The company will position its product as a high end

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