Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Discussion Board 2-2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Discussion Board 2-2 - Essay Example The speed of data collection becomes easier when offering some forms of incentives to the respondents. It is also cheaper to select participants in online surveys. The researcher only needs to send emails to the prospective participants or post the questionnaires on the website. According to Bordens and Abbott (2014), online surveys have good validity and reliability. The difference between the results collected through online surveys, paper-and-pencil surveys, and mail surveys is usually negligible. It is due to the negligible difference that online survey enjoys good reliability and validity. The disadvantage of online survey as far as selecting of respondents is concerned attributes to the possibility of finding fraudsters. Some people may only respond with the aim of getting the incentive but not with genuine desire to support advancement of research. Online surveys also limit the ability of the researchers to reach population without knowledge and connection of the internet (Bordens & Abbott, 2014). Another disadvantage of online survey relates to the difficulty of ensuring informed consent of the participants. Since online survey is usually virtual and lacking direct contact between the researcher and the participants, it becomes hard to ensure informed consent from the participants. Online surveys on sensitive issues such as sexual assaults require great care, which may be practically difficult (Bordens & Abbott, 2014). This difficulty makes the online surveys inappropriate for ensuring good validity and reliability of data on sensitive

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