Sunday, September 29, 2019

Notes on Horses of the Night

Chris the boy in the ML short story–faced adversity, the no money for school -depression years that Just got worse†¦ This combined with the love of learning and ambition to be an engineer†¦ Drove him to study and work†¦ First when he was away at HAS. †¦ Then when somehow he couldn't afford? To go to Univac In Winnipeg†¦ It drove him to rebel against going home to the farm(north of Waken)†¦ He cashed in his ticket and ran away to Winnipeg. James Eriksson: He tried to work to make money to go to College to succeed In his dream. He got sales Jobs†¦ So he wasn't paid money he worked on commission†¦ OnlyIf he got someone to buy what he was selling did he make money†¦ Let was the depression and the depression got worse. You studied this Is Social†¦. Keynes people even If they did have money did not buy things†¦. The psychology of uncertainty kept them from spending money because they needed what little they had Just In case thin gs got worse and some emergency came up†¦ The war came†¦ Soldiers got paid a salary†¦ Chris enlisted (joined the army). He could afford to go to school to be an engineer if he saved the money from being a soldier. Sometime in the horror of war Chris gave up ‘hope' of ever succeeding in being an engineer.As a result of ‘losing hope' Chris lost his ‘mental health'.. To put it another way†¦ As long as Chris had something to ‘live for'(dream to be an engineer†¦ Unrealistic or not) he could cope and deal with any adversity that came his way. Once he lost hope he became mentally paralyses: â€Å"He is so passive†. IMO as long as Chris had hope†¦ He had something to work for†¦ He had meaning in life. Without hope he had no meaning†¦ Nothing to live for†¦ Without anything to live for Chris had a nervous breakdown and ended up spending the lest of his life in the mental hospital.

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