Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Book Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Book Report - Assignment Example Marginalized Americans retaliated via employing severe and unequaled efforts to regain their dignity, which encompassed students’ movements comprising of daring youths like Young Americans for Freedom (Young Americans for Freedom) besides others (Foner 1046). The period between 1960s until mid 1970s, marked the most decisive era in America’s history that yielded to the start of marginalized recognition, which the current natives are enjoying. This was an explosion of what the then parents were experiencing due to â€Å"want† (deprivation), which prompted them bow to the white man’s orders for survival, though, teaching their children to defy. Hence, the child’s advice, though accompanied by a contradicting parents’ action, â€Å"My Dad taught me never to bow my head to nobody.† But sometimes Daddy’s head was bowed: frequently Daddy was destroyed (p. 268). Marginalization, inequality and continuous call for white’s rule de fiance by the parents besides other rights activists pioneers, prompted the students to demand their recognition tirelessly. Consequently, surprising Americans who kept wandering what has â€Å"got into† the students. ... For illustration, hotels and even public transport buses where the whites used to assume the front seats. Besides, the people’s realization regarding the state’s mandate to intervene and improve its natives’ lives, it fueled numerous uprisings, owing to the contrary to its dealings. They contended, that when the government interferes with the work of the market economy, tends to reduce the moral and physical strength of the nation; that when it takes from one man to bestow on another, it diminishes the incentive of the first, the integrity of the second and moral autonomy of both (p. 271). Unfair treatment and favoritism based on racialism prompted the marginalized to declare and believe that, liberty can exist only when free citizens can concertedly defend their rights against all enemies (p. 271). Civil rights’ activists like Malcolm x and other like minded who deemed that it is impossible for the oppressor to grant equality to the oppressed, also fueled severe uprisings to demand what was due to the segregated people. Consequently, continuing to the late 1970s where the American regime not wanting to tarnish their global reputation yielded to the diverse uprisings’ demands regarding equality. For instance, the initial sign was Birmingham’s events in May 1963 that overwhelmingly forced Kennedy to ban discrimination in public where its related Act attained legality during the Lyndon Johnson’s regime. Since, America by having internal wrangles entailing inequality among its natives could not declare itself the champion of freedom. Feminist movement (Redstockings) that emerged during 1969, though, short-lived had an immense influence that is evident presently. Redstockings identified male

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