Thursday, October 17, 2019

Project motorcycles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Project motorcycles - Essay Example This structure is advantageous because there is a clear chain of command, autonomy of departments, quick decision making and sharing of skills. The following model indicates the functional structure that is intended to be applied in the developing of the larger touring class motorcycle. This implies that, a project can be completed by a specific functional group equipped with the necessary skills. The process of developing a larger class touring motorcycle involves two main stages. They include manufacturing and quality control. At the manufacturing department, the necessary materials are assembled to completion and at the quality control department; the quality control inspectors conduct a visual inspection (Cooke, Tate, & Cooke, 2011). The functional groups form reservoirs of knowledge in the areas of specialization. The groups’ efficiency is attributed to well-structured communication processes, which eases decision-making. The process of developing motors larger than 1100cc intended for long distance and a proposed global market target of males aged 35-60 years requires systematic functional units to ensure that, the company does not make losses during the changeover (Cooke, Tate, & Cooke, 2011). The following are the primary raw material essential for the development of a motorcycle. The process of manufacturing should start at the weld department. This process should be aided by the computer-controlled fabrication of frame lofty strength materials (Henshaw, 2012). The components are shaped into hollow tubular metal shells. The diverse sections are jointly welded. The process engrosses manual, automatic and computerized equipment. The plastic and metal components are painted in the booths of the paint department. The process is called powder coating. It is done by a pressurized system, which disperses the paint evenly (Henshaw, 2012). Installation of other parts such as brakes, foot pegs, seats, lights, radios, wheels and many others

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