Friday, October 18, 2019

Longitudinal Strategic Development Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Longitudinal Strategic Development Study - Essay Example Most of these strategies were put in place and implemented not more than twenty (25) years ago. Among other things, Sony has seen results from strategies such corporate restructuring, recreation of products, and invention of new technology. Corporate restructuring is an important component to determine the success of any company. It is more of a managerial strategy than a marketing strategy. In the view of Trevor (2011), â€Å"Corporate restructuring is a term used to denote a companys reorganisation at the highest corporate level. This can also include legal status, ownership, operational, and financial restructuring to improve profitability and provide better organisation for the present and/or prepared for market changes.† Tatum (2011) posits that â€Å"Restructuring a corporate entity is often a necessity when the company has grown to the point that the original structure can no longer efficiently manage the output and general interests of the company.† To buttress the advantages are the procedure and reason for undertaking such corporate restructuring. In the case of Sony consumer electronics, restructuring has been going on every now and then for the past 25 years. The focus has mostly been to shake up the working staff and executives of the company to ensure that the right people are at the right place, doing the right thing. For instance in 1995, the company under a major restructuring in it topmost position by naming a new president, Nobuyuki Idei, a man who was only 34-years at the time. This move saw a lot of growth in Sony because Idei had served in the company for a very long time. Another massive corporate restructuring that took place in the company took place in the year 2003. This restructuring started with the laying off of staff – another bitter decision to take in corporate government. In all, Christman &

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