Monday, October 7, 2019

Positive Communication Climate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Positive Communication Climate - Essay Example This can determine if they are willing to communicate when another time for interaction between them comes. Positive communication has the power to attract people to others. People, therefore, must learn how to interact. It concerns the importance of the improvement of social, personal and professional relationships. This paper will review such importance, and how it affects people around the world today. There is need to have established guidelines that help create a wonderful communication climate. This means that without these guidelines there would probably be limited interactions among people in the world. Thus, personal relationships would be affected. Social understanding among people would deteriorate and professional relationships would be jeopardized in this case (Adler, 2010). This has been the case for many decades. It may probably be the case for many more decades to come. One of the communication guidelines that exist is trust. For people to live harmoniously there must be trust. This is what the main relationship’s foundation is based on. Professionally, an organization must have trust among its employees so that everything can get done in a proper way. This is the only way that the organization can grow and withstand the test of time. Trust enables one to understand that the other party in the organization can act as promised and hold up the end of the bargain (Adler, 2010). Openness can enable the communication climate to be much better. This is because no secrets that may cause harm to others are being held back. It is where the disclosure of information is very open (Adler, 2010). It ensures that people are at liberty to protect each other from harm with the full disclosure of information. The openness allows the expression of feelings in any relationship, which is quite important. In personal relationships, openness can determine whether it will grow and flourish or die down. Being supportive is another way to improve communication am ong people. The decisions made in everyday life can be made much easier if support is received from those around the decision maker. This support system can create avenues for all the rest to be heard. They can use this avenue to put some of their suggestions across. Information is better exchanged in a supportive communication channel (Adler, 2009). This means that, professionally, support can lead to the creation of the perfect working environment. In a personal relationship, the advantages brought on by being supportive from either party ensure the relationship’s growth. This is because each party looks up to the other party for support in everything they do. If they do not agree on something, they have to find an amicable solution to the presented situation (Adler, 2009). Investment from all parties involved in any relationship must be made at all times. This provides better understanding among everyone. In professional relationships, the time taken in an organization is tantamount in knowing what the organization needs to get better. Personal relationships need investment to ensure that all parties get what they desire. Without it, there is a risk that the parties involved may feel unappreciated. This may lead them to be unresponsive. Being unresponsive can ruin any communication climate that may have existed in the relationship (Kanu, 2010). Professionally, an organization can let an unresponsive employee go. So can a partner in a personal relat

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