Sunday, October 6, 2019

East Asia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

East Asia - Essay Example Although China had also influenced the country through its Chinese characters and its culture, Asian culture in general was not new to the Japanese people. By this point, they found Western influence completely different and new from what they have grown to know. Furthermore, the Japanese were also fascinated with the inventions the West was able to popularize. This was the start of the Japanese culture of importing and â€Å"imitating† ideas, especially technology, from foreign countries. One of the popular phrases in Japan, â€Å"Wakon-Yosai† is derived from the word â€Å"Wa† which means â€Å"Japan†. â€Å"Kon†, which is another word for â€Å"Tamashii† or â€Å"spirit†. The word â€Å"Yo† means â€Å"western† while the last syllable â€Å"Sai† denotes its short form â€Å"Saino† or â€Å"Saikaku†, which means technique, skill, or ability. As a tribute for the knowledge and skills they have learned from the Westerners, they commemorated this phrase to denote â€Å"Western technique with Japanese mind†. It has also been reported that this word was also used during the Meiji Era. With Japan’s history speaking for itself, it can be clearly concluded that Japan valued its inherent abilities from the West with â€Å"open arms†. And because of their eagerness to learn cultures other than their own, it has created the Japanese culture of being the â€Å"master of imitation† or their mindset of continuous adaptation and utilization of modern technologies from outer cultures. This can be exemplified by the rapidly emerging technologies that were imitated by Japan, from digital cameras to photocopying machines, sound systems, computer softwares, and other electronic gadgets.

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